Home to a landscape of rich red Dookie soil

Located within the rolling hills of Mount Major, Mount Saddleback and Gentle Annie, is the vibrant community of Dookie.

Seasonal colours come alive during Spring with the golden yellow of canola and luminous green of legumes and wheat crops flourishing. During Summer, the countryside is scattered with hundreds of rolls of hay while Autumn leads us back into the spectacular views of the red volcanic sands and sheep and cattle grazing. Absorb it all while walking or cycling the Dookie Rail Trail and Mount Major or hiking the Mulana nin iyoga walking trail.

Experience the fertility of the red Dookie soils in the local produce. Dookie is home to vineyards where the secret of the produce is said to be in the richness of the soil, delivering a depth of taste matched by no other. Come see for yourself at Rye at Tallis

A stroll along Mary Street you will see the Dookie Flowering Sugar Gum, Dookie Nomadic Silos. Stop awhile at the Dookie Emporium, or grab a meal and a nice cold beer at The Gladstone Hotel.

December each year the Dookie Quarry comes to life with the Secret Garden Gathering, where the quarry transforms for a live music event like no other, set against the backdrop of the quarry's rock  walls.