Moooving Art

Ever changing public art that celebrates our diverse inspiring region

Moooving Art Cows are an iconic part of the Shepparton and Goulburn Valley landscape. Scattered throughout our unique, connected towns, Moooving Art is an ever-changing public art exhibition using a unique canvas – 3D life sized cows!

The herd, created by local artists to celebrate our culturally diverse and inspiring region, can be discovered throughout our unique, connected small towns. In Shepparton cows adorn city parks and public places bringing colour and personality to the city and you will also find them high up in the sky!

There are over 90 in the herd, including 3 calves. Each is individual and distinctive in their persona. Keep track of the latest herd movements and new additions by following Moooving Art on Facebook and Instagram, or check out the herd locations on this website.

To find out more about our Moooving Art contact the Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre on 1800 808 839.