About Moooving Art

What is Moooving Art and why cows?

Moooving Art Cows are an iconic part of the Shepparton and Goulburn Valley landscape. Scattered throughout our unique, connected towns, Moooving Art is an ever-changing public art exhibition using a unique canvas – 3D life sized cows! Over 90 cows are in the herd – can you find them all?

Where it all began...

In 1999, Shepparton’s CBD marketing committee Shepparton Show Me introduced Moooving Arts predecessor – the Merry Moos, for a Christmas campaign.  The Merry Moos were so successful it was decided to expand the concept and Moooving Art was born! Shepparton cows are now known far and wide for their whimsical and ever-changing personalities!

Moooving Art pays homage to the strength of the dairy industry in Shepparton & Goulburn Valley. The region produces a large percentage of Australia’s dairy exports, making it a natural and perfect choice for this exhibition.  Moooving Art was initially seen as a unique and innovative way to increase the dairy profile, whilst also increasing public art in the region. 


In 2000, Greater Shepparton City Council started crafting three dimensional life sized cows as canvasses for established and emerging artists to paint and decorate for public display for the enjoyment of the local community and visitors alike. 

In 2018, Greater Shepparton's Moooving Art attraction was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor. 

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