Sell your local products

Do you make or produce quality, saleable products that represent the Shepparton & Goulburn Valley region?

The Visitor Centre is seeking expressions of interest from local producers/artisans/craftspeople interested in supplying quality saleable goods that represent the local region, the Goulburn Valley and Australia to boost the range of merchandise for sale in the Centre's Gift Shop.

If you are thinking about potentially supplying saleable goods to the Visitor Centre, here's some things to think about:

  • High quality hand made/crafted products which represent Shepparton & Goulburn Valley or Australia and/or icons from these regions are preferred.
  • Items will initially be stocked by the Visitor Centre on consignment for a period of three months. At the end of three months the level of sales of each product will be reviewed to determine if an ongoing arrangement with the supplier is viable. If an ongoing arrangement is not viable, all unsold stock will be returned as well as payment for any goods sold. If an ongoing arrangement is deemed viable, the supplier will be reimbursed for goods sold in first three months, and quarterly from then on.
  • Pricing: the product's recommended retail price should be at least 35% more than the wholesale price (the amount the supplier is charging the Visitor Centre).
  • Any display accessories (e.g. stands, story cards, etc.), provided by suppliers must be of a high quality and approved by a Visitor Centre staff person.
  • For fragile/breakable items: protective packaging must be provided for fragile items, that can protect items in transit via post or air travel. This packaging must be of a high standard of durability and presentation.
  • Environmentally sustainable goods/suppliers are prioritised for selection by the Visitor Centre in line with the Centre's business values.
  • Any supplier of goods to Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre must be, or be willing to become, a registered supplier with Greater Shepparton City Council.
  • Goods supplied must be well within sell-by/best before dates - suppliers must replace goods when these dates are reached. For non-perishable items, Visitor Centre staff may identify items for replacement by the supplier on a quarterly basis with regard to sales achieved, seasonality, presentation and need to refresh displays.
  • Food/beverage suppliers must provide a current Food Act Registration Certificate annually.
  • The Visitor Centre/Greater Shepparton City Council accepts no responsibility for items lost/damaged from the Centre (all reasonable care will be taken).

If you would like the Visitor Centre to consider your goods, please complete the application form below.

Visitor Centre - Supplier Expression of Interest Form