Mimi's art & lifestlyle blend

Local artist and illustrator, Mimi Leung, was born in Hong Kong, grew up in England and now calls Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley home. You might find her designs on your 7/11 Slurpee cup, in the SAM shop, or her murals in the courtyard at the Shepparton Library or in High Street.

Her multidisciplinary practice engages painting, drawing, writing and moving image. Her playful work weaves together the real and surreal through dynamic and energetic depictions of imaginative creatures and abstract forms. 

My artwork is generally very bright and colorful, and I like using like swirling shapes and trying to evoke a sense of movement and playfulness.

I'm Mimi Leung.

I'm an artist and illustrator from Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley. It's an amazing building. Amazing that, like, my kids love going there, to be able to dip in and out of it, and it's not like a massive day trip; it's just like, pop down to the shops — oh, maybe we'll go SAM and then we'll fit in a walk around the lake. They love running down Orchard Hill and that's really fun thing to do. We just go up and down it.

And so it's not just like going to see art, it's a whole thing for them. It's a whole experience, and that is unique in Shepparton I think. It has been wonderful to work with Gallery Kaiela and meet some of the people there. Projects like Shepparton Culture Kitchen where I've been able to just be involved with community spaces like Africa House and just realizing that there's so much life going on here.

From the short amount of time that I was working with the women in the Shepparton Culture Kitchen, I've seen their relationships grow. And this group of women who didn't know each other forming a really nice kind of friendship and support group, but also developing their own confidence and it's just been wonderful to see people supporting each other to do the things that they've dreamt of.

There's loads of stuff to do and see in Shepparton, and loads of different communities and people to meet and get engaged with — a lot of stuff to learn.

Come see for yourself.