Local inspiration, global flavours

Three friends Jono, Alaina and Ricardo have formed a powerful combination, launching Elsewhere at SAM in early 2023. It was developed with the idea to present an experience that may seem adventurous yet still very familiar.

The friendly and welcoming team is always ready to make you feel at home in the vibrant, quirky and inclusive atmosphere. At Elsewhere at SAM, they're all about creating a memorable experience for you, utilising flavours from around the world with ingredients as local as possible, as they appreciate the beauty of our backyard in Shepparton & Goulburn Valley.

Hi I'm Jono, I'm Alaina and I'm Ricardo and we are from Elsewhere.

The location here is absolutely beautiful no matter which way you are looking from inside the cafe, inside the museum whether you're right at the front entrance or up on the fourth floor everywhere around us is absolutely beautiful.

This is one of the first things that you see when you're driving in from Melbourne towards Shepparton. As soon as you hit Shepparton you see the museum. Gorgeous building, it stands out, it is eye catching.

Being able to have the opportunity to run a cafe with my partner and one of my closest friends is an absolute dream come true and that we get to have an incredible team of people that we stand alongside every day and have a great time and work together

A lot of our stuff is through Evolve. We obviously aim to try and get all of our ingredients as close to us as possible, and if we can't we partner up with local businesses to bring it in for us, so that we still keep that economy local, where possible.

We couldn't forget about all our local and traveling furry friends. Jono and I both have two rescue grey hounds and they are the absolute love of our life. So it's really important to us that we also bring that we bring that inclusion here at Elsewhere.

So we also have a doggie treat menu with puppachinos on the menu. We always love visiting and seeing everyone's furry friends and getting some pats.

What we promised ourselves promised Elsewhere, our team, and the community is to once again create a culturally safe environment and what in that has inspired us is to also create a food offering that kind of highlights the different cultures that we have in Shepp. Because Shepparton, according to me, is just this beautiful mix of people from all over.

Come see for yourself.