Cruisin' with Gaz: Hot Rods, Country Pubs, MOVE and Moooving Art Cows

Garry has worked on and built Hot Rods and Speedway cars both here and in the USA. He also repairs our Moooving Art herd. As a hobby he collects Hot Wheel car toys, and has over 1,000 in his collection.

For me its all about the view out the windscreen. The world looks way different out the window of a chopper hot rod.

G'day I'm Garry from Shepparton & the Goulburn Valley.

MOVE the Museum of Vehicle Evolution is in my opinion, and I'm not biased, one of the best museums I've seen in Australia. I've seen a few!

Well its my favourite, there's a pete in there, one of Freestones Peterbilts, you've got bicycles, motor cycles, cars, trucks, buses, you name it. I reckon if they could get an aeroplane they'd hang it in the roof too. 

When I'm at MOVE I usually see the boys at Milestone, Chris and Deano, have a coffee and a bit of a chat, have a laugh. It's a good catch up point for a lot of us old blokes. 

Frank and June at the antiques shop, lovely people and they've always got something there that will catch my eye.  

My artwork is mainly mechanical, I like to do cartoons, ben cars just mess with them. I've been fortunate to have some in shows here and overseas. It's a great place to be when you've got brain to pencil. 

I've always looked at the Moooving art cows I reckon they're just awesome when you drive around and you see all these cows all painted up, way cool! Now I've got the opportunity to work on them, fix them up, make them look good and send them back out into the herd. 

The perfect Sunday drive for me it to pick a car that's going, find a good pub, for instance The Gladstone at Dookie, ring a few friends see who wants to go, hit 'em up and head for the Dookie Pub for a nice counter lunch.

I've known Greg (Maskell's Custom and Classics) for approximately 30 years. We had a coffee one day and Greg said what are you up to? I said I'll probably find a tip truck or something to do to keep me busy and he said when do you want to start, and that was about 4 years ago. From a high end car to a repair on a hot rod, pretty much everything in between.  It's a very busy shop and there's a lot of cars on the list to be built, so busy, busy.

I would describe Shepparton as a great place, even though i don't have kids,  to bring up a family, friends of mine with kids have all said the same thing it's a great place. And the part I like, the multicultural food, wow the foods good. 

Come See For Yourself!