Greater Shepparton Food Bowl - at the SOURCE of it all

It’s time to share our community’s secret for this patch of Victoria, Greater Shepparton the Food Bowl of Australia. We’re sharing and celebrating the history and stories of our region which has positioned Greater Shepparton as the Food Bowl. We hope our local recipes and stories encourage you to get out and meet our growers, our chefs, and our restaurant and café owners and try our magnificent produce for yourselves. Usually $35, for a limited time only as part of the Meet and Eat campaign, they are available at the sale price of $25.

$25.00 inc. GST

Purchase this product from the Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre, located at 530 Wyndham Street, Shepparton (Ground Floor, SAM Building).

With 25 per cent of Victoria’s agricultural production occurring in Greater Shepparton we are claiming our title of Food Bowl of Australia.

Greater Shepparton is a major fruit and vegetable processing centre growing a majority of the nation’s produce including 99 per cent of nashis, 86 per cent of pears, 80 per cent of kiwifruit, 50 per cent of pomegranates and 43 per cent of apricots.

This as well as our large dairy industry provide product for both local consumption and national and international export.

Our produce industry has been at the root of our region, influencing our migrant communities, developing innovative irrigation networks, forming a transportation hub and creating a tourism industry with the regions produce all at the SOURCE of it all.

Enjoy the stories and recipes contributed by our local producers, restaurants and cafés.

  • Belstack Strawberry Farm
  • CPA Packers
  • GV Hazelnuts
  • GV Independent Packers
  • Goulburn Valley Pork
  • Kaso Family Orchards
  • Olive House
  • Plunkett Orchards
  • Pomlife
  • Premier Australian Walnuts
  • Seeka Orchards
  • Velisha Farms
  • Bill & Beats
  • The Eco Store
  • Lemon Tree Café
  • Barca Love
  • The Last Straw Café
  • Monichino
  • Shepparton Brewery
  • The Teller Collective
  • Yiche
  • Longleat Wines
  • Tallis Wine
  • The Cheeky Grog Co
  • The Little Gourmet Food Company
  • The Woolshed

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Written by: John Lewis and Mat Innes-Irons
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Photography: Jodie McMaster and Justin Moon