German War Cemetery

The official German War Cemetery in Australia - listed on the Victorian Heritage Register August 2015.

Mulcahy Road,
Tatura VIC 3616

The official German War Cemetery in Australia is situated next to the Tatura Cemetery. Almost all German internees and prisoners of war who died in Australia during the war are interred in this cemetery. Those who died in the Tatura camps during the war were buried here.

After the war, the War Graves Commission wrote to relatives of Germans who died in other camps around Australia seeking permission to disinter their remains and bury them at Tatura in an official war cemetery. All but 17 accepted the offer and the Australian German War Cemetery in Tatura is now their resting place. The 17 whom relatives did not want disturbed are also commemorated on a wall in the cemetery.

The Tatura Museum has a photo of each grave and the internment or POW details of each of the persons buried there.