Albury Antiques Shepparton

Albury Antiques Shepparton is the largest privately owned display of antiques and collectible pieces that will wow visitors and the local community, bringing back memories for all ages and budgets.

159 High Street,
Shepparton VIC 3630
0424 688 744
Albury Antiques Shepparton


Our customers believe we have the best and most affordable antiques in the country.  Featuring unique antiques from France, England, Germany and early Australia including colonial, arts and crafts, last century, mid-century, vintage, bric-a-brac, old gates, glass, crystal, silver, brass, china, marble, iron, rugs and tapestries.  Decorative and ornate carved furniture, beds, display cabinets, armoires, credenzas, desks, stone-garden furniture, Kentia palms, paintings, posters, pianos, pilasters and cupboards

Exhibits and buying and selling of vintage cars, chandeliers, candelabras, oversized sideboards, mirrors, specialized collectibles, vinyl records, books, clocks, chaise lounges, chests, tables and book cases.

Importers and Exporters of fabulous and famous pieces.  Post Albury address Albury Antiques Shepparton is now the headquarters for all arrivals of shipping containers and will be the solo showroom in Australia.

 Immediate delivery - no waiting. New stock weekly. Affordable and unique.

Our aim is to connect community, tourism, business and special interest groups. To influence and encourage visitors by holding events that will be marketed by TV, newspapers, flyers and brochures to Greater Shepparton which in turn will benefit other businesses in the region.

This is the lifelong pursuit of Manager Royston Raux – with over 40 years of experience - to provide affordable and quality antiques and collectibles.  Experienced in roadshow antiques, appraisals as well collecting retro, vintage and new high-quality furniture ready for delivery now.

 We accept credit cards and will transport anywhere in Australia.

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm

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