Filming in a public place, or registering your property with VicScreen, here is an intro to what you need to know.

Film Permits

Most commercial filming activities require a permit for the use of a public space. The process involves completing an application, and submitting it, along with your public liability insurance and risk assessment to council 

The application form and details on the policy are available here.

A sample risk assessment is available here.

VicScreen (formerly Film Victoria)

Are you interested in listing your property as a possible film location? Explore the VicScreen FAQ's or contact VicScreen, or register.  

  • Registering your property

    To register your property, VicScreen require 10-30 high resolution photos and a signed release form, which they will send to you once they have received all of the photos.

    Your photos should be reasonable quality, wide shots and demonstrate what the location looks like.

    Image requirements:

    • Photos should be in jpeg format (medium-high resolution where possible)
    • Photos should be in landscape format (i.e. horizontal if taken on a phone)
    • Include several wide shots of the front and back of the property. Step back to show as much as possible.
    • For interiors, shoot from the corner of the room towards the centre then again from the other corner. This should capture most of the detail.
    • If a room is dark please turn on some lights for more visibility.
    • Try to avoid including people in the photos.

    The images don’t have to be professionally taken – they’re happy to accept images taken from your smartphone as long as they’re of reasonable quality.

    Please send photos to the following email address by sharing via Dropbox or WeTransfer to:

    Once they receive the images, they will then process them and forward a digital Release Form which is to be signed by the photographer.

    Once the release form is completed, they will then create the location listing and share a screenshot of what the gallery looks like for final approval from the authorised contact for that location. Also sent to the locations contact is a guide to location filming for reference, which provides a good overview of what to expect when having a production on site.

  • Check your existing listing: unsure if you already have a listing, or need to check and update the images of your listing, all listings for the municipality of Greater Shepparton can be viewed here

VicScreen - A Guide to Location Providers

Further information is available on the VicScreen website.